Wartburg Nursing Home Earns Top Quintile Status in New York State’s Quality Pool


Wartburg Nursing Home Earns Top Quintile Status in New York State’s Quality Pool


MOUNT VERNON, NY (December 29, 2022) The 2021 New York State Nursing Home Quality Initiative (NHQI) has been published with Wartburg’s Nursing Home receiving top rating as compared to their peers. 


In an effort to reward high-quality care, New York developed the Nursing Home Quality Pool (NHQP) in the 2010-2011 State Budget. The Department of Health (DOH) has been working with industry experts to design and compute an equitable quality scoring system using existing data sources.  The NHQP score is comprised of fourteen quality performance measures, three compliance measures and one efficiency measure. 


The ratings are comprised of two components: [1] the Quality Component (quality measures), and [2] the Compliance Component (compliance with reporting).


Quality Measures:

  1. Percent of Contract/Agency Staff Used
  2. Rate of Staffing Hours per Resident per Day
  3. Percent of Employees Vaccinated for Influenza
  4. Percent of Long Stay Residents Who Received the Pneumococcal Vaccine
  5. Percent of Long Stay Residents Who Received the Seasonal Influenza Vaccine
  6. Percent of Long Stay Residents Experiencing One or More Falls with Major Injury
  7. Percent of Low Risk Long Stay Residents Who Lose Control of Their Bowel or Bladder
  8. Percent of Long Stay Residents with Dementia Who Received an Antipsychotic
  9. Medication (PQA)
  10. Percent of Long Stay Residents Whose Need for Help with Daily Activities Has Increased
  11. Percent of Long Stay Residents with a Urinary Tract Infection


Compliance Measures:

  1. Quality Ratings for Health Inspections
  2. Timely Submission of Certified Nursing Home Cost Reports
  3. Timely Submission of Employee Influenza Immunization Data


“Wartburg’s Nursing Home has been recognized many state and national measures over the years for superior quality of care and service.  In this challenging environment, I’m extremely proud of our continued presence as a top-tier nursing home, which is only possible because of our employees’ commitment to ensuring their best effort each and every day,” said Wartburg President Dr. David J. Gentner. 


Administrator Bridget Zimmermann said, “The quality of service that Wartburg provides continues to be recognized, even in healthcare’s most challenging period. In a time where long term care facilities faced a worldwide pandemic and worked tirelessly to manage through and protect our residents, Wartburg’s team of frontline staff and management has proven its loyalty to quality service and care. We are so proud of this recognition.”


About Wartburg

Wartburg, located in Westchester County, NY, offers integrated, comprehensive senior residential and healthcare services. Unlike conventional retirement communities, Wartburg provides a wide range of services to both residents living on their beautiful 34-acre campus and people in their own homes. From independent, assisted living and award-winning nursing home care to inpatient/outpatient rehabilitation, home care and adult day care services, their continuing care approach has earned them a trusted reputation. Wartburg also provides caregiver support at every stage with an array of options to find the level of care that considers the whole family. Wartburg was named one of the “Best Nursing Homes in New York State” by U.S. News & World Report for the seventh consecutive year in 2022.

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