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Respite Care helps you and your loved one recharge your energies. Whether you’re looking to take a vacation, remodel your home – or just need a break from caregiving – our respite care provides safe, warm, attentive care for short stays, from five to 30 days.

Respite care is provided in our assisted living facilities, Meadowview and The Berkemeier Living Center. Here your loved one will enjoy a refreshing new experience while you enjoy some much-needed rest and peace of mind.

Respite care residents have full access to activities, music, socializing and nursing services, if needed. They enjoy delicious meals prepared on site and devoted new friends. Those with Alzheimer’s or dementia benefit from a dedicated unit with specialized care and a restraint-free, secure environment.

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Benefits of Respite Care

Respite care provides an additional option for caregivers who need a place for their loved one to stay temporarily, but respite care also provides other benefits, including:

  • Rest: Full-time caregiving can be stressful. Respite care provides you with a place for your loved one to go and receive the care they need and deserve, while also providing you with time to relax and recuperate.
  • Maintain Your Health: The care one receives is partly dependent on the health of their caregiver. Admitting your loved one in respite care allows you the time to evaluate your health needs and heal if necessary.
  • Maintain a Sense of Self: Your needs are important and being a caregiver can sometimes feel like that has become your identity. With some distance from caregiving responsibilities, you can regain a sense of your own individuality.
  • Assistance: Sometimes, all a caregiver needs is some additional help. Respite care provides a facility designed to provide quality care, along with access to 24-hour nursing and emergency services as well as the ability to socialize.

A respite stay at Wartburg can help recharge your energy or provide a temporary relief from the day-to-day responsibilities of full-time caregiving. To find out more about respite care, contact us. If you prefer, schedule a visit or complete an application now.

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