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Home Health Care

Because There Really is No Place Like Home

Living as independently as possible, for as long as possible: that’s the one goal we all share. At Wartburg, we offer seniors, people with disabilities and those recovering from an illness, accident or injury the high-quality services and support they need to live safely in their homes … while offering their loved ones much-needed peace of mind.

In fact, Wartburg provides an integrated, comprehensive spectrum of both at-home and residential care services. Our continuing care approach means we can be here for your family – how, when and where you need us to be. That’s the Wartburg difference.

Our licensed agency provides temporary or ongoing assistance – on an hourly, daily or live-in basis

Our Home Care team develops a specialized plan tailored to meet your individual needs supervised by our nursing staff in communication with your personal physician. This plan may include:

  • Assistance with activities of daily living, which include personal care, dressing, meal preparation, housekeeping and home safety. When your loved one stays at home, they can still have the same comforts that they have grown to love over so many years. They can sit on their own furniture, eat off their own dishes and be surrounded by memories.
  • An individualized healthcare plan that may include professional nursing services, physical, occupational and speech therapy. With a personal plan created just for your loved one with their health in mind, you know that they have the best care possible.
  • Specialized dementia and diabetes care in the comfort of your home. It is beneficial for those suffering from dementia to stay in their own home, if possible, as keeping a familiar environment may be beneficial to them.
  • Companion services to medical appointments, shopping and recreation. While not everyone needing in-home care requires a lot of attention, some people might just need someone to assist in transportation and other chores that require a bit more physical exertion.
  • Bath and Breakfast Service as needed. When your loved one needs a little extra help with their personal care, Wartburg’s HHA’s will provide intermittent service, ranging from one day a week to daily. The services include a shower and breakfast in the morning or shower and snack at night.
  • Our Programs accept commercial insurance plans, long-term care insurance and private pay. Please contact us for more information about our in-home care services!

Call (914) 573-5569 today if you are looking for a home health aide or home health care services. We provide memory care, Alzheimer’s care, palliative care, hospice care, and more.