Inpatient Rehabilitative Care at Wartburg

Wartburg is proud to offer integrated rehabilitative and memory care that is focused on you. We share the same goal- to get you back home and back to your life as quickly as possible. With lengths of stay and rehospitalization rates below the national and regional averages, our program is designed to get you there-faster and healthier than you thought possible!

Westchester’s only freestanding Rehabilitation Center offers all private rooms and baths that allow you to control your healing environment. Our two light-filled state-of-the-art rehabilitation gyms feature the latest equipment and our “Next Step Home” real life training apartment offers unique rehabilitation therapies. Our apartment features a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room and laundry to allow you to train in “real life” activities such as getting in/out of bed and shower, putting clothes in the washing machine and loading a dishwasher-so you have the confidence to return home safely.

We are proud to announce we have added a SmartCar to our rehabilitation program. This allows you to learn how to properly get in/out of the car and load things in/out of the truck after injury or illness.

During your stay, you will meet with your care team to create a tailored plan to meet your unique goals. In addition to partnering with one of our experienced physicians to develop and oversee your individualized recovery plan, your care team may include:

  • Dedicated nursing staff, available 24/7.
  • Physical therapists to restore strength, functional mobility and balance.
  • Occupation therapists to improve function in activities of daily living.
  • Speech-Language Pathologists to address speech, language and swallowing impairments.
  • Pain Management Specialists to provide non-pharmacological relief treatments such as acupuncture and electrical stimulation.
  • Social Workers to advocate for your needs and arrange services after discharge.
  • Dietitians to assess nutritional needs to support recovery.
  • Pastoral Care staff to offer spiritual care and support during recovery.
  • Memory Care or Alzheimer’s Care

Inpatient Services:

Our continuing care approach means we can be here for you – how, when and where you need us to be.

That’s the Wartburg difference.

To see our Rehabilitation Center, please take our virtual tour.

If you have any questions or want to schedule a tour, call us 24/7.