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Margarita Godwin

“There’s always something to do here. I love music. We dance; we sing. They bring in great entertainment. Other times, we sit and chat.

“I live with my daughter. She drops me here on her way to work, then she picks me up on the way home. I come here every day. It’s very nice and pleasant. My favorite thing to do is when they play the piano and sing along. I love jazz and concert music.

“On the weekends, my daughter and I do things together. We visit. I have three foster children who come to see me. My granddaughter comes too.

“I have a good life. I would tell others who are sitting at home alone that they should come to Wartburg. Give it a try. It’s a very nice place.”

Margarita Godwin, 92, lives in Mt. Vernon with her daughter Lorraine. She attends Adult Day Care at Wartburg in Westchester, NY, every weekday.

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