Occupational Therapy

Outpatient Occupational Therapy

Outpatient occupational therapy helps our patients keep their independence while also helping them learn self-care skills. If someone you love has an injury, an illness, or an orthopedic disorder, please consider occupational therapy to help get them back on their feet. Here at Warburg, we create a treatment plan that will help them carry out daily activities and live their life to the fullest. With outpatient services, we are also able to help our patients learn how to live as independently as possible and use any modifications we suggest for them at their own homes.

Before any progress can be made, we must evaluate our patient’s problem areas to assess their physical functions. This helps our team to better create a plan that will restore each patient’s movement ability.


Benefits of Occupational Therapy

  • Improve Pain Management: One of the main benefits of occupational therapy is to reduce pain. These exercises will help blood circulate throughout your body which will improve muscle function and provide pain-free movement.
  • Improve Daily Functionality: Another benefit of occupational therapy is learning how to do everyday tasks such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and eating. These are functions that many people take for granted every day but may be difficult for someone who is going through occupational therapy lessons.
  • Helps Individual Become Self-Sufficient: Along with the everyday functions, occupational therapy will help with dealing with everything else such as wellness, diet, and how to relieve pain in between therapy sessions.
  • Exercise to Increase Strength: Our occupational therapy is designed to help our clients build up strength over time to be able to perform all these tasks on their own. Besides getting stronger, this can also help with arthritis and other conditions.


Maximize Independence

Occupational therapy is not only essential for our patients but also for family members and caregivers who need to get training on how to best support their loved ones through treatment. We can teach you how to use modifications and adaptive equipment that will help yourself or a loved one. Give us a call if you are interested in learning more!