A Celebration of Praise and Thanksgiving Recognizing Wartburg’s 150th Anniversary


Mount Vernon, N.Y. (December 2, 2016) – Culminating their milestone 150th Anniversary, Wartburg held A Celebration of Praise and Thanksgiving on November 5, 2016, in their historic Chapel on their 34-acre campus in Mount Vernon, NY.  Over 165 attendees, included Board of Directors, ecumenical religious leaders, community members, Wartburg residents, patients, caregivers, alumni and staff, honored the men and women who have shared their talents and dedicated their lives to caring for those in need since 1866.

“The remarkable story of Wartburg, since the days of its founding up until today, is that it reflects living in Christian charity and in Christ’s love, this is what Wartburg is all about!” said Rev. Dr. Robert A. Rimbo, Bishop of The Metropolitan New York Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, who presided over the ceremony.

Rev. Carol E. A. Fryer, Director of Spiritual Care and Church Relations at Wartburg, served as Master of Ceremonies.  “We remember Wartburg’s many saints who founded and led this institution for the past 150 years, individuals who raised children and brought them up and taught them the faith of the Church,” said Pastor Fryer.  “We also remember the individuals who cared for seniors, starting in the late 1890s, and we remember those who lived their final years at Wartburg.”  Participants were invited to tie ribbons onto the special Memory Tree to memorialize Wartburg leaders throughout the years and commemorate loved ones who passed away.

The distinguished ecumenical guests who participated in the celebration included Sister Margaret Anderson, O.P., Dominican Sisters of Hope; Rev. Derek G. Lecakes, Bishop/President of The Atlantic District of The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod; Rev. Dr. Darren M. Morton, Macedonia Baptist Church; Rev. William Mizell, Grace Baptist Church;  Father Alfredo Monteiro, Our Lady of Victory (Sacred Heart) and Rev. Amandus J. Derr, Pastor of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church and Chair of the Board of Directors.  Together, all of these individuals spoke eloquently paying tribute to the top-quality services delivered by caring, talented Wartburg staff members and the extraordinary qualities exhibited by the Spiritual Care team.

“When Rev. Passavant founded Wartburg in 1866, he was driven by a fierce dedication to serve individuals of all faiths,” said David J. Gentner, Wartburg President and CEO. “That dedication continues today in our work with seniors, now supported by medical advances, technology and an increased awareness and respect for aging care and housing services.  But significant challenges still remain, which is why this ecumenical celebration is as much about the present and the future as it is about the past.  We are grateful that so many distinguished religious leaders participated in our celebration and encourage everyone to play a part in advancing Rev. Passavant’s legacy and the future of Wartburg by committing to helping us help our seniors to live their best life, either on this campus or in their own neighborhoods.”

This event highlighted Wartburg’s Spiritual Care team.  Remaining deeply rooted in the belief that God calls us to provide ministries of healing and hope, Wartburg’s Spiritual Care team continues to serve individuals of all faiths, as it has since 1866.  The Spiritual Care team strives to bring compassion and support to all residents, registrants, patients, family members and staff by partnering with leaders of all faiths to bring the practice of one’s chosen faith to Wartburg.

“One of the blessings of Wartburg is that it represents the best of our Church bodies.  It is a place where people can come to be cared for and also learn about Christ, where their spiritual needs as well as their physical needs are looked after,” said Rev. Derek G. Lecakes, Bishop/President of the Atlantic District of The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

“Let your light shine…so that God may be glorified…and that is a perfect description of all that Wartburg has been doing for the past 150 years,” noted Rev. Dr. Darren M. Morton, Senior Pastor, Macedonia Baptist Church.  “…and we come here today, to let you know…please continue to let your light shine for all!”

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Rev. Amandus. J. Derr, Pastor of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church (New York, NY) and Chair of Wartburg’s Board of Directors, memorializes Wartburg’s leaders and commemorates loved ones who once called Wartburg home over the past 150 years by placing a ribbon on Wartburg’s Memory Tree.


(left to right) Rev. Dr. Robert A. Rimbo, Bishop of The Metropolitan New York Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; David J. Gentner, Wartburg President and CEO; and Rev. Dr. Darren M. Morton, Senior Pastor of Macedonia Baptist Church (Mount Vernon, NY) at A Celebration of Praise and Thanksgiving – Recognizing Wartburg’s 150th Anniversary.


About Wartburg

Wartburg, located in Westchester County, N.Y., offers integrated, comprehensive senior residential and healthcare services for all stages of life. Unlike conventional providers, Wartburg delivers a wide range of services to residents living on campus and people in their own homes. From independent, assisted living and award-winning nursing home care to inpatient/outpatient rehabilitation, home care and adult day care services, Wartburg’s continuing care approach has earned them a trusted reputation. Wartburg also provides caregiver support at every stage, with an array of options to find the right level of care for the individual while also considering the needs of the whole family. Wartburg’s award-winning, internationally recognized Council for Creative Aging & Lifelong Learning program lets residents and community members express themselves through art, song, theater, poetry and oral histories. The Creative Aging & Lifelong Learning initiative promotes increased emotional health and social engagement for seniors through a wide range of arts-based programs led by professional teaching artists trained to develop the creative capacity of older adult learners.

Wartburg celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2016 with special events and activities. Founded in 1866, Wartburg began as an orphan farm school after the Civil War. It now serves area seniors through residential and at-home healthcare services. Established on the principal and belief that caring for the body, mind and spirit is an essential component of a rich and happy life, Wartburg has expanded its community impact and honored the lives of seniors during a century-and-a-half of service.


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