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physical therapy mt. vernon, ny

Ada Mendoza

“I love working with the elderly. They are always so grateful to see me when I come in and check on them every month.

“I was raised by my grandmother – I called her Mammita – so I’ve always felt very comfortable around the elderly. I really enjoy going to their homes.

“They’re usually guarded with me in the beginning, but then they begin to feel at ease and will open up more; it’s great the first time you see them smile when you walk through the door.

“Every month, I check in on my patients. We’ll review their mail, I help them complete their benefits paperwork, and we discuss any problems or issues that may arise, as well as long-term planning, if it’s time. I also work with their nurse and aide to coordinate their care – that’s essential.

“We work together to help each person keep their independence as long as possible. Their resilience is amazing. What some of them go through really makes me grateful for the simple things in life.”

Ada Mendoza, MSW, LMSW, brings more than 20 years of field experience to her position as a social worker with Wartburg Home Care Services in Westchester, NY.

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