Jodie Ferrari, CNM and Wilson Sanchez, RDN


What is your position at Wartburg? 

Jodie Ferrari – Clinical Nutrition Manager

Wilson Sanchez– Registered Dietitian Nutritionist


Why did you choose to work at Wartburg?

Jodie – My personal preference is to work with Long-Term Care Residents and the Sub-Acute Rehab population.  I have always been aware professionally of how highly regarded the Wartburg staff and services are.

Wilson – I was referred by two of my classmates who interned at Wartburg. They only spoke great things about Wartburg. They knew that I was searching for a job at the time (about 6 months ago) and they thought I would be a good match. They were not wrong. I am loving it here ?


How does your work make an impact on the population Wartburg serves?  

Jodie – Accommodating dietary preferences and requests in order to maximize intakes and to promote healing is a key component of the care plan process.  Optimal nutrient intake will aid in healing, help to prevent skin breakdown, and prevent or reverse malnutrition – all risks that our resident population face.

Wilson – I make sure my residents meet their energy requirement including protein intake as well as their meal preferences. In addition, I provide help with a range of medical nutrition therapies (MNT), nutrition plans used to treat specific medical conditions. I do take an evidence-based approach when assisting my residents which means that I take the best available evidence out there, their culture, beliefs, and food preferences, and my personal expertise into account when providing nutrition interventions.


What career advice do you have for someone interested in the work you do?

Jodie – Food and Nutrition are vital for all. As Dietitians, we are the experts in both and can find great rewards in helping to positively impact and influence attitudes towards health and wellness among all individuals at any stage in life.

Wilson – Time will pass regardless of if you decide to do something or not. In 5 years, you could be a dietitian, or you could have a job getting paid minimum wage. Make a choice, stick with it, and lay a brick at a time. In the end, it will be worth it and an accomplishment you will be most proud of.


Tell us a fun fact about yourself that others may not know?

Jodie – I love to bake and cook and do so for friends and family as much as possible.  I am also an animal lover and advocate having rescued and fostered both dogs and cats.

Wilson – I also have a degree in Exercise physiology/science, which may explain why I love to exercise and do outdoor activities. In addition, I like trying different cuisines from all over the world.



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